Yellow Activity Monitoring System

YAMS is the low-cost, low-maintenance fleet management solution. It is suitable for use on a wide range of vehicle types. These include heavy plant, earthworks, agricultural, trucking and delivery vehicles.

The system helps to answer "How are our mobile assets performing for our company?"

Vehicle-mounted units record a range of automatic measurements and manual inputs. Collated data provides accurate fleet, grouped or individual vehicle reporting.

  • Cloud-based and off-line solutions
  • Activity Recorder units to suit the task
  • Manual or automated data collection
  • Suitable for use in harsh environments
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Very low maintenance
  • Software for all user skills and needs
  • A range of reports, charts and maps
  • Flexible fleet and company configurations
  • Customer-specific facilities available


Easy to read
reports, charts and maps

The system presents
  • Tacho- and linear-style charts
  • Single/multi day, single/multi vehicle
  • Mapping and movement reports
  • Predictive maintenance reports
  • Progress and trend charts
  • Efficiency reports
  • Easy report configuration
  • Exports to 3rd-party systems
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