Product: System software SW100


The System Software is a complete fleet and vehicle monitoring solution.

Our guiding philosophy has been to create a software package that is easy to learn, easy to use and quick to provide exactly the information that you require.

The software manages a centralised database of all the activities of the vehicles being monitored. Vehicles are identified by their unique registration number. In addition their type, model, fleet and location may also be indicated, for group-associated reporting.

Vehicle activity data is downloaded from the Data Gatherer, via USB.

A wide range of reports can be generated. These include tabular single or multiple vehicle reports, in detail or summary and for single days or for a specified period. Predictive maintenance sheets help with the scheduling of servicing. Event reports identify working patterns, excessive idling and standby periods. Time sheets give a quick overview of time-on-the-job. Efficiency reports highlight plant utilisation information.

Day and period charts are available too for quick, graphical analysis.

Data exporting, with user-specified fields, is provided for the transfer of data to third-party spreadsheets and databases.

Facilities are provided for the easy transfer of data between PCs, enabling remote or centralised monitoring of fleet activities. This feature may also be used for data backup and restoration.

A log book is available for each vehicle, permitting cataloged entries for services, fuel filling, operator changes, project involvement, hiring, downloads, fleet changes, location changes and general purpose notes.

Context-sensitive Help is provided to guide the user at all stages of operation. The Help topics include a system overview, descriptions of each of the components of the system, step-by-step installation instructions, definitions of terms and concepts and detailed descriptions of every available screen.

A working copy of the system software may be downloaded from this site.


Operating system requirements Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10
Screen resolution requirements None 1024x768