Product: Data Gatherer DG132


The Data Gatherer is a pocket-sized unit used to collect activity data from one or more Activity Recorders. The unit is dust- and water-resistant and tamper proof.

The Data Gatherer is quick and easy to use. All activity data is extracted from an Activity Recorderby simply pressing the Data Gatherer into the Activity Recorder adapter socket for a few seconds (see here). All the collected activity data is downloaded to the PC via a USB cable.

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Built in self-tests, three status indicators and a beeper ensure that the user is always informed of the state of the unit and its current operation.

The Data Gatherer may collect data from more than 60 VR272 Activity Recorders simultaniously. Each download of data is marked by the Activity Recorder's registration number so the correct identity of the data is ensured. Multiple downloads from a single Activity Recorder may also be made.


Data Capacity Activity data from more than 60 VR272 Activity Recorders
Power Requirements One PP3 9 volt alkaline battery
Battery Life 18 months
Indicators Busy (Green), Fault (Red), Battery Low (Amber) and beeper
Size 120mm long x 65mm wide x 22mm high
Weight (excluding packaging) 130 grams, including battery
PC Interface USB
Environmental Dust proof, Splash proof
Operational temperature -20°C to +70°C