Product: Activity Recorder VR272 range


Activity Recorders are small, rugged units that are mounted on any surface which experiences vibrations while working. The units are dust- and water-resistant, tamper proof and UV protected. The recorders operate off an internal pair of readily available 9-volt batteries for up to 18 months.

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Activity Recorders will measure and store the most recent 32 weeks of working vibrations. Engine operations may optionally also be monitored by connecting the Hour Meter Cable (HR25), supplied with each Activity Recorder, to the ignition, oil-pressure switch or across an existing hour meter.

Installation of the Activity Recorder may be carried out by the user and comprises programming and mounting. The recorder is user-programmed with a unique registration number that identifies the vehicle and its data. Mounting on the vehicle is done by means of four screws, or simply by using strong double-sided tape.

Status indicators show whether the unit is idle (standby) or has experienced work vibrations during the past minute.

Data is downloaded from the Activity Recorder using a Data Gatherer (DG132) (see here) in an operation that takes approximately 15 seconds.

Activity Recorders are available in a number of models that offer different additional feature combinations

Model Event pushbuttons Remote M21X connection Work code/cateogry dial
VR272 - - -
VR272M 1 - -
VR272M2 2 - -
VR272MX - Yes -
VR272R - - Yes
VR272RM 1 - Yes
VR272RM2 2 - Yes
VR272RMX - Yes Yes

The event recording pushbuttons (either on the unit or on the remote M21X) can be used to record events such as tips and cycles.

The 12-position work code/category dial may be user-configured to indicate work conditions, work categories, breakdowns, different work locations, customers, operators etc. Reports and charts in the system software permit analysis of categorised activites.

Continued research and developments may result in specification or appearance changes at any time.


Size 120mm long x 100mm wide x 60mm high
Power requirements Two PP3 9 volt alkaline batteries
Weight (excluding packaging) 430g with battery
Battery Life 18 months
Data Capacity In excess of 32 weeks worth of 8-hour working days
Indicators Standby (Red), Busy (Green)
Environmental Dust proof, splash proof
Operational temperature -20°C to +70°C
Mounting Requirements Four self-tapping screws (provided)
Strong double-sided adhesive cushion tape