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A Starter Kit contains all of the items that are required to monitor the activities of a single vehicle. This is normally the first purchase that a user will make.

The kit includes the following:

Starter Kits are available that include any of the eight different models of Activity Recorders.

  • SK272 includes a VR272 Activity Recorder
  • SK272M includes a single-event marking VR272M Activity Recorder
  • SK272M2 includes a dual-event marking VR272M2 Activity Recorder
  • SK272MX includes a VR272MX Activity Recorder with external event marking connection
  • SK272R includes a VR272R Activity Recorder with work category dial
  • SK272RM includes a single-event marking VR272RM Activity Recorder with work category dial
  • SK272RM2 includes a dual-event marking VR272RM2 Activity Recorder with work category dial
  • SK272RMX includes a VR272RMX Activity Recorder with work category dial and external event marking connection

With a Starter Kit providing the system-support components (Data Gatherer and software) and the monitoring of a single vehicle, additional Activity Recorders would be purchased for the monitoring of any additional vehicles. There can be any mix of Activity Recorder model types within an installation. They do not all need to be of the same type. There is also no limitation on the number of Activity Recorders being monitored at an installation.

Additional Data Gatherers may be required for large and/or distributed fleets.

Continued research and developments may result in specification or appearance changes at any time