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With the Yellow Activity Monitoring System
you can

Monitor the operation of your fleet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By using the YAMS you can keep a check on daily work starting and ending, lunch and tea breaks, unscheduled or unauthorised stoppages, excessive idling, out-of-hours operation, utilisation, efficiency and other operational activities.

Ensure that the financial aspects of vehicle operation makes sense. As a contractor, you will have a detailed overview of plant operations, enabling you to calculate costs and enhance utilisation. As an owner, you will be able to keep track of each vehicle's financial viability and performance. YAMS will give all parties the ability to monitor and optimise operation patterns and thereby save money through improved planning, fuel usage and operator instruction.

Identify effective working patterns. The accurate system timing coupled with extensive graphic and text reports will allow you to observe standby time relative to work time, identify vehicle activity cycles, encourage effective operation, determine route efficiency, improve shift usage and efficient use of available hours, compare operator performances and make many more judgements on vehicle usage. Work categories (including out-of-service and breakdowns) may also be recorded.

Implement preventative maintenance using the reports that predict service dates for the monitored vehicles. The YAMS handles multiple grades of services as well as fully flexible service cycles. It will be a guide to your decision-making regarding just-in-time ordering of spares, workshop utilisation and when to pull a vehicle in for servicing.

Maintain a log book of ALL vehicle activities. The YAMS allows you to keep a unified record for each vehicle, not only of work activity but also of fuel fillings, services, operator changes, location changes, project activity, hiring contracts and more.

Access reports and graphs that quickly highlight exactly the information that you require. Get the overall picture with averages, totals, KPI and percentages for single or multiple vehicles on a day by day basis, or over a specified period. At the other end of the scale, with a few mouse-clicks, you can drill down and produce event reports or graphs of the minute-by-minute activities of a single vehicle. Facilities to export all data to third-party spreadsheets, ERP systems and databases are also provided.

Monitor your outlying depots and fleets from a central location. Activity information, vehicle details and log books may be automatically or manually distributed (by flash drive, email, WAN or LAN), enabling a head office or consultant to easily see the "whole picture".

Integrate the management and monitoring of your entire fleet with one, easy-to-use system. Whether you operate heavy/earthworks plant, light plant, delivery vehicles, motors, conveyors, stationary plant, or a mixture of these, all units can be monitored by the Yellow system.

Finally, operation of the entire system will save you time and money. It has been designed to ensure low maintenance, rugged resistance to wear and tear, ease of installation and operation and overall user satisfaction.